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Carrier Planning
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Amenities & facilities

The amenities

Suites & Dormitories

Training and education center

Business & Commercial facilities

Trade promotion service center


31,000 sqm

22,050 sqm

4,000 sqm

3,390 sqm


Various rooms are available at standard, superior and Executive, which refer to four-bed room, double room and single room, at a room size of about 25-30 sqm.

There are 3 different standard sizes of classrooms available (large, medium and small). And it also comes with administrative offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, practice rooms, restaurant and convenience store

Business restaurants, small-scale supermarket and entertainment facilities.








Accommodation for company employees

Right close to residential area and Incubators, sharing all convenient amenities and facilities

Convenient for business, entertainment and daily life.

A place for exhibition, and various customer services

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