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Park Profile
    Situated at the National Sensor Networks Innovation Model Area, Zhongguancun Software Park Taihu Sub-park is jointly developed with the investment by Beijing Science Park Development (Group) Co., Ltd., Wuxi Taihu International Science Park Investment Development Co., Ltd., and Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park Development Co., Ltd.
    The Park covers an area of about 70 hectares; the planned construction area is 690,000 m2. As an extension of Zhongguancun Software Park in the Yangtze River Delta region, Zhongguancun Software Park Taihu Sub-park will combine the resources advantages of Beijing and Wuxi in the region, industry, market, talent, etc., to create comprehensive technology service park characteristics of ¡°high-end, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and ecological¡± integrating the research and development of software and communications industry, high-end services outsourcing, small and medium enterprise incubators, industrial intermediary services, and training of advanced software talents.
    The project of Zhongguancun Software Park Taihu Sub-park is an important part of overall development and construction of Wuxi Taihu Science Park. Starting from the strategic principle of brand enterprise cluster, industrial level improvement, and economic profits enhancement, Wuxi municipal government and Taihu Science Park Management Committee attaches great importance to the development of this project, and compares Zhongguancun Software Park Taihu Sub-park as Pearl Project of Taihu Science Park.

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